OO POWER fogging machine OO-FG40 with good quanlity | Hustil
OO POWER fogging machine OO-FG40 with good quanlity | Hustil

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OOPOWER fogging machine
O O POWER MACHINERY CO.LTD is Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation

About OOPOWER fogging machine

Fuel Tank Capacity
Max. Efficiency
11 minute per Tank Medicine(13L)
Medicine Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption
3.2 litres/hours
The size
Individual fogging machine details
1. Professional production line and experienced engineers to control the quality;                                                                
2. Easy to assemble and operate;
3. FG40 Fogging Machine can be used for COVID2019 disinfection by means of atomizing the aqua sterilisata. Prevention and control throughly no dead Angle! 
4. It can be used to repel and kill insects with the insecticide in backyard, gardens and other areas;                                                                      
5. High work efficiency and long-lasting with increased temperature 

fuel tank capacity:2L
Medicine Tank Capacity:13L
Fuel Consumption:3.2 litres/hours
Max. Efficiency :11 minute per Tank Medicine(13L)

The size :1230*315*370Mm

OO POWER fogging machine detail Pictures

The fogging machine contains accessories
2.Spark plug
3.Left-to-right accessory name
5.Size funnel
6.Instruction Manual
7.Tool Kit
8.Gas Mask

 Packaging display



1.A drop of liquid entrained in a gas

Points to note
1.Safe use of machines, must be anti-virus, fire, anti machine accident. Must pay attention to the thought, raise vigilance. Must not be careless, to ensure personal safety.

Should be aware of the following

1. machine is strictly forbidden in flammable and explosive place.
2. Smoke machine series is made of gasoline as fuel, for flammable, should pay attention to fire. Smoking and smoking is forbidden in the gasoline engine.
3. No ignition igniter check open carburetor.
4. After refueling should fuel tank cap screw. If there is fuel leakage should be cleaned. Move the machine away from the point of service and start up.

5. The machine should be stored before the carburetor in the fuel tank drain. Clean the machine. Stored in ventilation, away from the fire source. Long time should be placed every 30 days to the battery charge 5 hours.

1. Prohibited in the machine working state or just shutdown or add out of fuel.
2. When operating the machine, the high temperature parts do not touch people or animals. As shown in Figure 2, avoid accidental injury. Water forced cooling after the shutdown, this will seriously damage the machine.
3. When working in the field, the working personnel should be operated in the air outlet, and can not follow the direction of the wind. In the indoor operation, staff should be from the inside to the outside of the operating machine, when the door to the door, and shut down the door, to ensure that the body is safe and effective to kill insects and viruses.

1. It is forbidden to use electric arc or acetylene on a machine that has pesticide and gasoline to change or cut. When the fuel tank or the pesticide tank is leaking, please contact the dealer or the professional personage.

2.The safety instructions provided by the pesticide manufacturer should be followed in the process of dealing with the residual pesticides or cleaning the pesticide containers.

3. The use of machine application is completed, should be promptly closed the valve, then turn off the engine. If the engine stops, the valve must be shut down quickly.

1.When the machine is working, no one is allowed to enter the work area.
2. Storage should not allow children to access, so as to avoid accidents.
3. The operator must wear PPE in accordance with the following requirements. (Figure5)
 a.  Must wear work clothes: work clothes must fit, can not prevent action. Can't wear a skirt, wear a coat can't wear scarf tie and jewelry.
 b .  Must take the gloves
 c .  Must wear protective shoes
 d .  Must wear a helmet
 e .  Must wear a gas mask
 f .   Must wear ear plugs (especially long hours).

 Main technical specifications and standards


mist sprayer

mist sprayer

specifications and models



Residual liquidL



Power Supply

12v Rechargeable battery

12v Rechargeable battery

Rated spray volumeLh



Gasoline consumptionLh



Nozzle inner diameterMM



fuel tank capacityL




Petrol 92

Petrol 92

work environment



net weightKG



sizeL*W*H  MM



Why choose us

Q1: Where is your Factory located? How can I visit your company? 
A1: Our factory is located in Zhejiang, Wuyi City(Nearby Yongkang and Yiwu), about 4 hours driving from Shanghai.
All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to take a visit here! 


Q2: If we are in Jinhua, Yongkang, Yiwu, can you   Pick us up to your factory?

A2: Yes, of course, just tell us your address and cellphone number.


Q3: Can I get some Samples? 
A3: Yes, sure, we are honored to offer you samples.


Q4: What is your method of sample Transportation?
A4: We deliver goods via 


Q5: Could you please make OEM for us?
A5: Surely yes.We provide the service of replacing your logo and company name on box.


Q6What's your Payment method supported?

A6: We accept T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram etc. 


Q7: What's your  Delivery time ?

A7: 2-7 days for sample order, and 3-4 weeks for FCL or LCL order.


Q8: How does your factory do regarding Quality Control? 
A8: Quality is very important and always be put at the first place. We insist one worker charge 1 process.

Having our own Aluminum Die-casting Workshop and Plastic Injection Molding Workshop allow us more easy to control the quality.
Inspections of each step will be done during the production process.


Q9: What about your Warranty?

A9: 12 months. 


Q10: I can't find the items what I want in your website, can you Offer the products I need ?

A10: Yes, pls tell us the products information, and then we will searching for you.